FAQ for the EMU Trike®

What is an EMU and what does E.M.U. stand for?

An EMU is an Australian “Big Bird” that resembles an Ostrich. It cannot fly but it can run very fast. E.M.U. refers to Electric Multi Use products. The EMU Trike® is a three-wheeled electric multi use product that “flies” on the ground.


What is the price of an EMU Trike®?

Please contact ASC for the latest prices and availability of EMU Trike® products and accessories.


Why is the EMU Trike® called a “multi-use” trike?

As its multi-use name suggests, an EMU Trike can be used for many purposes. These uses can be seen in detail throughout the website but generally speaking, it depends on the needs of the user. For instance, security personnel would use the EMU Trike® to cover greater distances in shorter times and more often then they could do on foot. Equestrians have used the EMU Trike® to lead their horses from the arena to the barn or perhaps even tow a wagon to haul hay feed, riding supplies, etc. Businesses that rent products for nature trails, tour groups, etc. find the EMU Trike® a great alternative for their customers who are not comfortable riding a Segway. We’ve even had a customer purchase his EMU Trike® for the purpose of exercising his show dog! RV and camping enthusiasts enjoy using the EMU Trike® to explore the campgrounds and nature trails. Those with disabilities use the EMU Trike® to reclaim their independence, rediscover mobility and enjoy the great outdoors once again.

As you can see, the EMU Trike® has many applications and is aptly named!


How fast will my EMU Trike® travel?

Your EMU Trike® has three speeds: 0-8mph, 0-15 and 0-20mph. The maximum speed of your EMU Trike® will depend upon the terrain and the weight of the rider as well as the power level of your battery at the time. It also has reverse.


What kind of battery powers the EMU Trike®?
The EMU Trike® uses one 48V Lithium-ion Battery.


Why use Lithium-ion batteries?

Lithium provides a great deal of power relative to the amount of material used in the battery. Lithium-ion batteries, on average, weigh approximately 50% less than Sealed Lead Acid batteries (SLA). Lithium batteries also maintain a higher voltage and longer service life compared to other primary chemistries such as SLA batteries. Also, lithium batteries feature the benefit of being largely maintenance free.


I just received my new EMU, why isn’t the battery working?
Your rechargeable battery will most likely arrive to you in a low-charged condition. Be sure to fully charge the battery before riding your EMU Trike®.


How long will it take to re-charge the battery?

This will depend upon how discharged the battery is at the time. If the battery is low and needs a full charge, it will take 4-6 hours. When you connect the charger to the EMU Trike® and when it is plugged unto the power source, you will hear the soft hum of the cooling fan. You will also see that the charger’s two indicator lights are red. One red light indicates that the electric power is reaching the charger and the other red light will turn green once the battery is fully charged. Be sure to unplug the charger from the battery and the wall once the charge is complete.


Do I need to disconnect the charger once the battery is charged?
Yes. When charging ANY type of battery to full, we suggest that you periodically monitor the status of the charge and always disconnect the charger from the battery and the wall once you see that the charge is complete or to the level of your satisfaction. Overcharging any type of battery can reduce its efficiency, reduce the life of the battery, and may cause additional problems. 


Can I use a different charger for my EMU Trike®?

Not all chargers are compatible with the 48V Lithium battery installed in your EMU Trike®. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you use ONLY the charger that originally came with your EMU Trike®.  To avoid damage to the battery, charger, property or person, do NOT use an alternative charger. Contact American Scooter Company or your EMU Trike® Dealer if you need a new charger. Use of a different charger with your EMU Trike® or using your EMU Trike® charger to charge a different product is at your own risk and will result in an immediate void of your warranty.


How long will my lithium-ion battery last?

The life of the EMU Trike® lithium-ion battery will depend upon how often you use your EMU Trike® and how well you care for your battery. When operating under normal conditions, your battery should last about 2.5 years. For the average user that is about 8,000 miles. When your EMU Trike® is ready for a new battery, just contact us directly.


What if I don’t plan on using my EMU Trike® for an extended period of time?

All batteries will begin to self-discharge while not in use, therefore, if you know that your EMU Trike® is going to sit for 2 weeks or more, you will want store it with some charge.  The recommended status of charge when storing a lithium battery is about 40%. This will allow a slower self-discharge than if stored with the battery at 100%. We do not recommend that you store your lithium-ion battery for more than 3 months without recharging it up to 40%. Not only will this ensure that you will get a longer life out of your battery but it will also help prevent a full self-discharge, which may render your battery useless. For extended periods of non-use, it is best to remove the battery from the unit and store it in a cool and dry environment. (The cooler the better but not below 35°F degrees). The premium ‘ideal’ temperature for storing a lithium-ion battery long-term is about 65°F with the status of charge being 40% at three month intervals. Because all batteries begin self-discharging while sitting idle, once you do re-install the battery, you will want to be sure and fully re-charge it before using your EMU Trike®.


Should I let the power-indicator on my trike get down to “empty” before re-charging?

Your lithium-ion battery does not need to ’empty’ before recharging. In fact, as mentioned above, you should always AVOID a FULL discharge of your lithium-ion battery and instead, simply charge your battery as needed (or every three months). Be sure to disconnect the charger from the trike and the wall once the battery is charged to your satisfaction.


What if the charger unit does not indicate power, (no lights, fan is not spinning) or it is not charging the battery?
This can happen when one of the fuses in the charger needs to be replaced. Each charger uses 2 fuses. You will need to use a 10AL250V fuse. If your charger does not charge after changing the fuse(s), do not continue to attempt charging. Instead, contact American Scooter Company or your EMU Trike® Dealer directly.


What if my lithium battery doesn’t seem to be holding a charge like it used to?
As mentioned previously, all batteries self-discharge over time and eventually, you will begin to notice that you will need to re-charge your battery more often. This is the same for lithium batteries in cell phones, laptops, remote control toys, etc. When it gets to the point where the life or power of the battery is no longer sufficient for the use of which the battery was designed, it is time to get a new battery. Contact us directly when you are ready to order another lithium battery for your EMU Trike®.


I have not used my EMU Trike® for several months and have not charged it during this time. Why won’t it charge?

The lithium battery has built-in safety features, including one that permanently shuts down the battery if it is drained or self-discharged below a particular level (usually 2.5V to 3.0V/Cell). Once this happens, the lithium battery is no longer useful and should be discarded to avoid any safety issues. If this happens, contact American Scooter Company or your EMU Trike® Dealer to purchase a new battery.


When my lithium battery dies, how do I dispose of it safely?

In the United States, regulations and laws pertaining to the recycling and disposal of rechargeable lithium ion batteries vary within state and local governments. You will need to check the laws and regulations where you live. The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s web site, www.rbrc.org, is an excellent source for finding a facility to handle these types of batteries. Remember that before any type of disposal the batteries should be discharged completely. Tape the contacts with electrical tape and package so as to prevent contacts accidentally coming together at any time. If you are not sure if your waste facility can handle lithium ion batteries, contact them directly. Many stores offer free recycling of rechargeable batteries. If no outlet is available in your area, it is likely safe to dispose of these batteries in your regular trash but as always, check with your local laws to make sure that this is acceptable.


To charge your EMU Trike®, use ONLY the charger that came with your EMU Trike®.

Do not use your EMU Trike® charger with any other product.

Always make sure that the EMU Trike® power is in the OFF position when charging.
When charging, be sure to keep charger clear of any obstruction, wrappings, etc.

Always disconnect the charger from the battery and the wall socket once battery is charged.

When battery will be idle for extended periods of time, remove from unit and store in a cool dry place.

Prior to storing battery for extended periods, ensure that battery status of charge is at about 40% and charge at least every three months.

Do not charge or operate your EMU Trike® in extreme low or extreme high temperatures. NEVER charge your EMU Trike® in freezing temperatures. Although lithium batteries can be charged and operated in the 45°F-110°F, the “ideal” range of charging and operating your EMU Trike® with less stress to the battery and therefore longer battery life is about 55°F to 90°F.


Note:  It is a good idea to ‘re-calibrate’ the fuel gauge by allowing the battery power to reduce to the LOW range (not the EMPTY range) after approximately every 30 partial charges. This ‘re-calibration’ will give your fuel gauge a more accurate reading regarding the current level of battery charge.


How big is the motor?

Your EMU Trike® motor has a high performance 500-Watt motor which combines with the 48Volt Lithium battery package for exceptional performance and longevity. It is located within the front wheel.


What type of brake does the EMU Trike® use?

The EMU Trike® has a front wheel drum brake. American Scooter Company has found this to be the most appropriate braking system for electric multi use units, even when compared to the disc brake alternative. The HW model also has two rear disc brakes operated by a foot pedal.

How much does the EMU Trike®

The EMU Trike® weighs 70lbs. This weight includes the seat, seat post and battery. With these items removed, your EMU Trike would weigh approximately 56lbs. The HW model is around 82lbs once you remove the seat its around 78lbs.


How difficult is it to transport in my vehicle?

The EMU Trike® is quite portable because you can fold down the handlebars and it weighs just 70lbs. Although we have some customers who are able to lift the EMU Trike® on their own, we strongly recommend that two people pick up the EMU Trike® to place it in a vehicle.  The EMU Trike® was also designed to be further disassembled, should you need to place it in a more compact space like the trunk of a sedan or the basement of an RV. Re-assembly will take just a few minutes once you are familiar with the process. It’s even quicker and easier with the new Quick Release Kit.


How safe is an EMU Trike®?

The EMU Trike® is designed to be as safe as possible, with many built in safety features, but like any machine, its only as safe as the operator that controls it. Please be very careful operating any EMU Product. We always suggest that you wear a helmet while riding your EMU TRIKE Trike®.

Will an EMU Trike® work on grass, gravel paths or sand?

The EMU Trike® performs well on short and dry grass, gravel and on hard-packed sand. Like any machine that has wheels, there must be sufficient traction available and the surface must not be deeper than the capabilities of the machine. The EMU Trike® is not considered all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). The riders weight will also greatly impact the performance on different terrains.

Can my EMU Trike®
 ride up hills?

With its 500W motor and 48V battery, The EMU Trike® does very well traveling up and over bridges and hills. The performance of an EMU Trike® on slopes will depend again on the weight of the rider and terrain. Always lean forward when going up hill to increase the traction of the front wheel and to keep your momentum forward. Avoid turning on a slope.

Does an EMU Trike®
 qualify as a vehicle used for disabilities?
Absolutely! According to ADA.gov, “An OPDMD is any mobility device powered by batteries, fuel, or other engines that is used by individuals with mobility disabilities for the purpose of locomotion, whether or not it was designed primarily for use by individuals with mobility disabilities.  OPDMDs may include golf cars/carts, electronic personal assistance mobility devices (EPAMD), such as the Segway ® Personal Transporter (PT), or any mobility device that is not a wheelchair and is designed to operate in areas without defined pedestrian routes.”


What policies are in place if the EMU Trike® is NOT used for disabilities?

It has been our experience, and that of many of our customers, when not used as a disability vehicle, the laws for the EMU Trike®  typically coincide with those of a bicycle or an Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD).  Be sure to check the statutes of your state.


Do I need a driver’s license to ride an EMU Trike®?

No, a Driver’s License is not required to ride an EMU Trike®.


Do I need Vehicle insurance to ride an EMU Trike®?

No. Insurance for your EMU Trike® is not a requirement. However, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have personal liability insurance. If interested, your local insurance agent should be able to help.


Does the EMU Trike® have a Warranty?

Yes the Warranty on any new EMU Trike® is for 1 year. The details of the Warranty can be found on our website and is printed on the sales receipt.


Where do I find the Owner Operator’s Manual?

An Owner Operator’s Manual is provided with every EMU Trike® product sold. If a Manual is misplaced a copy can be downloaded as a PDF from our website.

What maintenance is required for an EMU Trike

Although maintenance is very minimal for your EMU Trike®, any moving vehicle will benefit from an active preventative maintenance program. See the EMU Trike® maintenance schedule on our website for more information. Be sure to read your Owners Manual as well.


Where can I service my EMU Trike®?

American Scooter Company or an Authorized EMU Trike® Dealer can service your EMU Trike®. Contact us directly via telephone or email. 

I’ve seen an EMU Trike®
 towing a wagon. How much weight can it pull?

The EMU Trike® can pull a wagon with up to 150lb load carrying capability. When pulling a wagon with the EMU Trike® it is not intended for carrying people. Please note that the load will impact the distance capability and performance of the trike while towing. Every EMU Trike® comes with a front basket to carry your personal items.


What type of tires are on the EMU Trike®?

All three tires are rubber and each has an inner tube inflated pneumatically (air infill). American Scooter Company has completed exhaustive research to determine the best possible surface area traction related to EMU Trike® electric multi use equipment and can be ordered from the American Scooter Company.  However generic sized replacement tires and inner tubes are readily available from tire specialist suppliers and can be found on the internet, if preferred. Customers that use an EMU Trike® for large industrial properties sometimes inject the inner tubes with gel to avoid the inevitable punctures they encounter on factory floors from metal or typical debris inherent to the environment. Max psi for all tires is 32psi.

What are the two small roller wheels that are under the back of the frame?

Contrary to what some people think, these wheels are NOT made to ‘pop a wheeley’! Please use common sense and NEVER lean too far back on an EMU Trike® as these small wheels are NOT intended to stop the rider from tipping over backward. These small wheels are designed instead, to prevent the undercarriage from damage if the rider misses the edge of a path or comes off a small curb. Should this happen, these small wheels can help maintain continuation of the journey without significant interruption. EMU Trike® is designed to be stable and safe but stability is only as good as the balance and judgment demonstrated by the rider. In short, always display care and respect for the law of gravity when riding an EMU Trike® – just as you would for any other trike, scooter, bicycle or motorbike.

Am I required by law to wear a helmet?

When not used as a disability vehicle, the laws for the EMU Trike®  typically coincide with those of a bicycle or an EPAMD. Therefore, most states require that any rider under the age of 16 wear a helmet. Be sure to check with your state’s statutes and local ordinance and policies.

Is there a legal age limit required to ride an EMU Trike

It is always best to check your state’s statutes and local ordinance and policies. and use your own common sense before allowing a minor to ride an EMU.


Why are there TWO key ignition positions?

When placing the key into the ignition, turning the key one click into the first position powers up the EMU Trike®. Turning the key one click further to the second position turns on the front headlight and the rear light.


Can I take my EMU Trike® as a mobility scooter with me when I fly?

Always check with the respective airline when booking a flight. Each has its own policies and procedures. Check with the airline’s website or call them directly and have them explain their policy. Be sure they know that your battery is lithium-ion and is not considered a ‘wet’ battery. Ensure that they understand that your trike is also ADA compliant and is used for disability purposes.

Can I take my EMU Trike
® to a theme park?

When used for mobility disability purposes, the EMU Trike® does qualify as an OPDMD and should be allowed at theme parks and national parks, etc. We would advise that you contact the park and review their policies.


Can my daughter or son ride an EMU Trike® on campus at college?

In most cases, yes. Again, it depends on the policies of the campus. Students love EMU Trike®  as it is a green, low cost alternative to driving a car to get around campus and the surrounding areas.


Will my EMU Trike® be OK in the rain?

The EMU Trike®‘ is pretty resilient but as you know, electricity and water do not mix well. We suggest that you find cover if it starts raining. If you do get caught in the rain you should wipe off the water as soon as you are under cover. NEVER allow your battery or charger to get wet. It’s also a very good idea to keep a motorcycle-cover or scooter-cover wrapped up and in your basket for use when needed.


Is there a reverse gear for elevators and tight spots?

Yes there is reverse. The EMU Trike® is designed to turn on a dime so the operator may never needs to use reverse. The tighter you turn the handlebars, the tighter your turn will be. This ensures that when operating your EMU Trike®, you are always facing forward, which will help you avoid the most common scooter accident: running over someone else’s feet! This technique works great in elevators and narrow areas. If you find yourself in an extremely tight spot you can use reverse. Don’t forget to use your rear-view mirrors first!


Is there a weight limit for an EMU Trike®?

The maximum weight of the rider should be 250 lbs. for the EMU Trike original. The HW model is around 375lbs.


Can I adjust the height of the seat?

The adult seat comes standard with every EMU Trike®. It can be adjusted up and down on the seat post. We also have an optional lumbar back support. This attaches directly to the seat and is designed merely for upright support  – and NOT for leaning backward. The HW has the option of our deluxe seat.


I am very tall and the handlebars are too short. What can I do?

No problem!  The EMU Trike® has telescopic handlebars. This means that it can be shortened or lengthened dependent upon the rider’s preference.


Is there a suggested upper age limit for those who ride an EMU Trike®?

Absolutely not. The EMU Trike® is designed to suit just about everyone. However, all riders of an EMU Trike® need to be able to independently get on and off the trike, sit upright comfortably and well-balanced, and must be able to use all of the controls to ride safely.


Can an EMU Trike® be used at a campground?

Many campsites love the EMU Trike® as they are a silent and unobtrusive alternate to gas-powered vehicles. A lot of campsites actually prefer them to the golf-carts as well. So be sure to take the EMU Trike® camping and don’t forget the wagon for supplies and quick trips to the laundry room, pool or to the lake for fishing! 

Note: Each campground has its own rules regarding privately owned transport so we always suggest that you review their policies or contact them direct.

Can I modify my EMU Trike®?

EMU Trike® products are carefully designed to provide high performance and customer satisfaction. However, we have had customers made modifications to suit their own needs.  Please note however, that a modification to an EMU Trike® will invalidate the Warranty of your factory original product and will hold harmless, American Scooter Company, LLC for any damage, injury or death resulting from modification.


Where can I get parts for my EMU Trike®?

Components are available through American Scooter Company.


I bought an EMU Trike® but it’s just not what I need. Can I return it?

Yes you can. There is a clear return-policy that needs to be followed. The warranty is printed on your receipt, your sales consultant will also advise you on the return policy. The full warranty can be reviewed on the website as well.


My EMU Trike® was shipped to me but it arrived damaged. What do I need to do?

Please be sure to contact American Scooter Company right away. Your purchase will be identified and we will do whatever possible to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. 


My EMU Trike® has developed an issue. What should I do?

Please contact American Scooter Company. Your purchase will be confirmed and the issue will be resolved.


I have damaged my EMU Trike®. Can you help?

Please contact American Scooter Company. Your purchase will be confirmed and the issue will be resolved.


My EMU Trike® was stolen. What should I do?

The EMU Trike® has a Security System designed to make it difficult for a thief to steal your EMU Trike®. The shrill high-volume multi-tone siren, which sounds at 125 decibels, is sensitive to even the slightest movement – once the alarm is set. This alarm attracts attention immediately and it cannot be quietly rolled away without others noticing. Plus, our anti-theft device causes the trike to shake and shudder while locking up the front wheel, forcing a thief to try and drag the trike, as it will not roll forward or backward.

With these security measures in place, if you return to your trike and find that it was stolen, contact the police immediately. Then you should contact American Scooter Company and your purchase will be identified through its unique identification number. If the thief does not have the key (which only you, the owner, should have) the trike is in effect a disabled unit. It will have no real value to the thief unless he/she attempted to return it or trade it in to us here at American Scooter Company. As long as we are aware that your unit has been stolen and we know your trike’s identification number, we can alert the police of any contact made to us by the thief and hope to get it back to you.

Although we try to build as many security features into the EMU Trike®
  as possible, we cannot of course, say it is impossible to steal. If this is a true concern of yours, we suggest that in addition to using the built in security system, use a chain and lock when leaving your trike unattended. Remember, if you witness the attempted theft of your EMU Trike®, your first priority should ALWAYS be your personal safety.


While riding my EMU Trike®, I hurt myself/hurt another/damaged property. Are you liable?

Unfortunately, there are many bicycle, scooter, motorbike and auto accidents each day. When an individual purchases a vehicle, that individual is in control of that piece of equipment and the rider or driver is responsible for its safe operation. Please note that personal liability insurance is an option and can be purchased from your local insurance agent.


Who is EMU Trike® and where are the products manufactured?

The EMU Trike® is a brand name owned by the American Scooter Company LLC (ASC). The ASC Company head office is in Fort Myers, Florida. The company is owned and operated by American citizens. Our manufacturer is located in China.  Its particular design including parts, accessories and add-ons are specifically requested by American Scooter Company. Once the products are manufactured, they are shipped to American Scooter Company in the USA.


My parents are retired and live out of state. Can you make arrangements to ship to them? Will they be able to assemble it themselves?

Yes. We supply clients all over the USA including Florida. We have negotiated advantageous rates to ship EMU Trike® products anywhere in less than a week, for approximately $90-$135 (depending on location) via FedEx. The EMU Trike® can be assembled and ready to go in about 30-45 minutes. See our assembly video on our website.


Can I use an EMU Trike® in other countries?

Always check with the country you are visiting to the laws regarding to where you can use your EMU Trike®. When charging your EMU Trike® in other countries, you may need an appropriate travel plug adapter and/or converter.


Can I take my EMU Trike® on a cruise ship?

Always check with the cruise company regarding its policy. Most ships will have a maximum height qualification because of the lower ceilings on some decks. When you contact them, be sure to let them know your height WHILE SITTING on your trike. If you give them your height while standing on the trike, they may not authorize use of the trike on their ship for safety reasons. Also, be sure they know that your trike is indeed ADA compliant for indoor and outdoor use and that its width of 27″ will allow you to travel through standard doorways.


Instead of loading my EMU Trike® into the back of my vehicle, can I use a rear hitch to transport it?

Yes. We recommend a specific ramp that is lightweight aluminum and easy to install on any vehicle with a 2” hitch receiver. It has a gate that folds down creating a ramp for loading the EMU Trike®. You will need to be sure that your EMU Trike® is locked down safely and securely. You can see this product on our website under the category of accessories. Although we do not stock this item, we are happy to show you where it can be purchased.



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