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EMU Trike® is the brand name of American Scooter Company, LLC.

EMU stands for Electric Multi Use Trike.


American Scooter Company, LLC was established about 7 years ago. It all started after we found that the current electric trikes on the market were unreliable, flawed by design, weak in performance, cumbersome and just too heavy. Wknew there was a huge demand for an electric mode of transportation that was eco-friendly, with zero emissions and could be used in multiple applications. With the ever-increasing cost of gas and the limited space for parking, especially in cities, we believe that electric transportation will be the way of the future. With the evolution of electric transportation becoming increasingly more reliable and with greater ability to travel even further on a single charge, The EMU Trike® is a serious alternative to individual electric powered transportation.

After extensive research we noticed that although there were plenty of electric scooters available for purchase, there was very little to choose from when looking for one that was light-weight, easy to transport, high in quality, reliable, stylish by design and affordable in price. With feedback from our customers over the years we have constantly added to and improved the design and features of the the EMU Trike®. We are now on our fifth generation with each design better than the last.  But we will not stop there, as we will continue to improve not only the EMU Trike® but our personal service to youour valued customer.


The EMU Trike® is ideal for so many applications. It is fast becoming the preferred alternative for people who have disabilitiesAnd because it’s ADA compliant it is also the coolest mode of mobilityassisted transport ever! With its lightweight designhigher seating position and the ability to ride it either sitting or standing, it truly lends itself as an alternative form of mobility for almost anyone. We refer to it as “Mobility with Dignity“.


The EMU Trike® is also well suited for commercial applications such as security patrol personnel and warehouse transportation. It is great for university students, paved nature trails, private tours, shopping centers, RV campgrounds or just having fun with friends.


When you purchase the EMU Trike®, we understand that it’s not a simple case of us merely selling you a product. My company understands and endeavors to offer you, our valued customer, an aftersales service that is absolutely secondto-none. Our focus is always on the quality, safety, reliability and value of our product…as well as the satisfaction of our customers. That is why every new EMU Trik comes with a 1-year warranty.


I hope you enjoy your experience on our website and that you will decide to take our interest a step further and reach out to us personally. We look forward to serving you. 


Your faithfully,


Andrew Roberts


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