EMU Trike® Accessories

EMU Umbrella
The EMU umbrella is ideal to keep the sun of you when your going about your day. This umbrella fits onto the back of the lumbar backrest. It has a SPF of 50. It comes in blue and red.

$35.00 each
Rear Tire
This is the tire for the rear wheels om EMU Trike® Original only.

$20.00 ea. plus applicable taxes and S/H.
Rear Tire Inner Tube
This inner-tube is for the rear tires. Rear tires are sold separately.

$12.00 ea. plus applicable taxes and S/H.
Lumbar Backrest
The lumbar back rest is ideal for that extra back support. It attaches to the wide seat, which comes standard with the EMU Trike® ORIGINAL and HW models.

$64.95 plus applicable taxes & S/H
Bicycle Seat Post Adapter Pole
This pole attaches to the seat post for those who wish to ride using a standard bicycle seat*.

$25.00 plus applicable taxes & S/H.

*Bicycle seat shown above is sold separately.
Colored Battery Cover & Fender Sets - for the EMU Trike® ORIGINAL only.
Your EMU Trike® ORIGINAL comes standard with a white Battery Cover and Fender. Why not change it up a bit? (This accessory is NOT available for the EMU Trike® HW)

$45.00/set plus applicable taxes and S/H
Quick Release Kit - for the EMU Trike®.
For quick and easy break-down of the EMU Trike® ORIGINAL only.

When you need to store or transport your EMU Trike® ORIGINAL in smaller spaces, it can be separated into two parts (the front and back) by using the tools included in your tool kit. This will take about 6-8 minutes.
With the Quick Release Kit, there is
no need for tools
and it can be done in 1-2 minutes! (Includes the Quick Release LEVER, for quick removal of seat and seat post.)

$49.95 plus applicable taxes & S/H
48 Volt Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Please note that replacement batteries for the EMU Trike® ORIGINAL and HW models are sold to our current customers only. 

$295.00 plus applicable taxes & S/H.
Front Tire Inner Tube
This inner-tube is for the front tire. (Front tire is sold separately).

$11.00 plus applicable taxes and S/H.
Front Tire
This is the tire for the front wheel fits both the EMU Original and the HW.

$35.00 plus applicable taxes and S/H.
The new deluxe seat with armrests for the EMU Trike® HW
Suggested accessories and where to find them...

Aluminum Mobility Wheelchair and Scooter Carrier

Lightweight aluminum carriers are available through Harbor Freight and Northern Tools.

Bigfoot Panel Wagon

This wagon is available through Harbor Freight.

With just a bit of customizing, this wagon pairs great with the EMU Trike
and turns your trike into a great 'work horse'!

  • Steel wheels with large 10" pneumatic tires
  • High stakes are securely fastened to the wagon
  • Wide wheelbase for stability
  • Red powder coated finish resists rust
  • Full 33-5/8 in. x 15-3/4 in. x 5-1/2 in. deck
  • 5-1/4 in. wood panels

Visit for more information.